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My oh my, Siam Thai

Robust, rich, rotunda…Siam Thai. Okay, so maybe ½ rotunda minus the dome.

Several years ago my favorite Thai restaurant disappeared. Literally. It was there one day and not the next. Convinced that the joy of dining was lost forever and contemplating a feeding tube, I began a search for authentic Thai cuisine. I was about to give up hope when the heavens opened over Siam Thai. Angels sang, fairies dusted and Chevy Chase brought me a Christmas tree.

Siam Thai uses fresh (many home grown) ingredients. You’ll discover herbs and spices including lemon grass, sweet basil, lime leaves, and galangal root. And curry, glorious curry! Reds, yellows and greens; hot, sour, sweet, salty, bitter...you want it, you got it. My personal favorite is Panang Curry. It is a spicy red curry coconut chicken soupy kind of thing that tastes great over jasmine rice. I like to nearly set my mouth a'fire, so I also suggest visiting the condiment cart of peppers and such.

I can’t review Siam Thai without a hats off to the staff, an exceptionally nice crew. My glass is never half empty and my used buffet plates are quietly removed so I never know exactly how gluttonous I’ve been. And they are so thin! Thin enough that I believe I’ll eventually be thin if I nosh on Thai cuisine.

You might also enjoy the eclectic décor. Slow moving fans, glitzy golds and colorful cloths make for a nice atmosphere. You may opt to take some atmosphere home with you as it is available for purchase. Oh – and if Buddha is your bag, baby, make a stop at the shrine.

The Low Down:
Entrées, Buffet, Dessert
Local Favs: Pineapple Fried Rice, Panang Curry, Cashew Chicken, Sushi Rolls
6403 N. 9th Ave
11 a.m. -10 p.m. Tues-Sat; 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Sun (I believe they are closed on Mondays)
Lunch Buffet $7.95, dinner buffet $8.95, entrees $8.95-$13.95
Take out available (no delivery)

Review by Jen-O-Saurus

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My favorite Thai place in Pensacola was Bangkok Garden, but they closed down after Ivan. Since then, I've been getting my Thai fix at Siam Thai. They're not as good as Bangkok Garden was, but they do a good job with their dishes.

I tried the panang (on Jen-o-saurus' recommendation) and I must say that she has great taste! It is my fav at Siam Thai. This restaurant has now become one of my family's frequent stops. The quiet and calming atmosphere is much appreciated!

Everytime I return to Pensacola, I am amazed at how the people here are so unsophisticated in taste, everything. That is all.

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