Friday, March 21, 2008

The Twelfth Avenue at Hub Stacey’s

Hub Stacey’s, located on Seville Square in downtown Pensacola, is known for its sandwiches, and it’s a well deserved reputation. The Twelfth Avenue is one of their best.

The sandwich is made of the restaurant’s tuna salad. Melted over the salad is cheddar cheese. The melt is on large slices of toasted rye bread. When I first picked up the sandwich, I thought the cheese might have melted out of the bread and was stuck to the wax paper (I had a to-go order). In fact, and I don’t know how they’re able to do it, the melted cheese remained completely within the bread. The resistance I felt when I picked up the one half of the sandwich was the weight of the thing. It’s that heavy.

Whatever they do to their tuna salad makes it delicious. The Twelfth Avenue is definitely worth trying.

Hub Stacey’s is at the corner of Government and Alcaniz Streets and on Perdido Key at Galvez Landing. Website:

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