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Times Grill - Cajun Sunset

According to Times Grill, “Times Grill is a family-friendly, casual dining restaurant best recognized for its 20 specialty burgers offered in conventional versions and wild variations. Our most distinctive burger is the Cajun Sunset®, seasoned with Creole spices and topped with a pan fried egg. At the heart of every Times Grill hamburger is the patty. All patties are chargrilled and hand made to order. “

I ordered the Cajun Sunset not knowing that it boasts the title of “Most Distincitive Burger”. I just have a penchant for burgers and runny eggs and thought I might like them together. And boy, do I! I ordered my Cajun Sunset medium-rare with cheddar cheese, mayo and a side of sweet potato fries (regular fries are so last year). The huge burger comes out open face, with a perfectly cooked egg staring up at you just waiting for the yolk to be popped. And the smell is outstanding, just like you would expect a burger to smell (not like fast food).

Note: if you are an attention addict, this burger is for you - I’ve ordered the Cajun Sunset on three different occasions with three different parties – each time my party exclaims “OOOO – look at Jen’s burger!”. Everyone looks. Everyone wishes they ordered my burger. I eat with an aire of superiority and enjoy every minute of it. I will not apologize.

So, does the taste live up to the look and smell? Yes! It is delish, albeit super messy. The bun is fluffy and fresh. The Creole spices aren’t too spicy or overbearing. The beef is cooked to perfection. The yolk runs down your fingers. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a burger.

Now, about those sweet potato fries. I’ve had better. Times Grill does a nice sweet potato fry. I will order them every time I dine there (my almost inappropriate adoration of the Cajun Sunset assures I will dine there again). They just aren’t as tasty as Jerry’s Cajun Café’s sweet potato fries. Give me a blind taste test…I’ll know the difference.

By the way, Times Grill isn’t the fastest game in town, so make sure you have a few minutes. The minutes will be well worth it.

Your Most Distincitive Jen-o-saurus

The Low Down:
Burgers/Sandwiches/Wraps, Entrees, Bar, Dessert
Local Favs: um, the burgers
204 E. Nine Mile Road
Open for Lunch and Dinner
Around $10
Take out available (no delivery)

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I can't believe you like Times Grill that much. we went for the first time 2 weeks ago and we were not impressed. The tables were all dirty/sticky and we stood awhile waiting for someone to seat us. Finally we seated ourselves. Our server was nice and friendly which was a plus. I thought the swroomburger was good, but not great. The cleanliness or lack of is what turns me off from this place.

Dear Anonymous,
I am very sorry for your less than plesant experience at Times Grill. I don't know if I'm just lucky, unobservant when it comes to cleanliness (I am a messy creative type), or the place has gone downhill since I last went - but I've eaten there several times and it hasn't been dirty. Of course I do frequent a few places knowing full well they aren't the cleanest around, but the food is darn good. And I've never had to wait more than a few seconds to be seated. Anywho, I'll try and pay more attention to cleanliness and make note of it in my reviews.

ickkk , this place is gross! i went for the first time and ordered like a chef salad. That was byfar the WORST ranch dressing i have EVER tasted!

Times Grill was great for about a year. And then, what usually happens to restaurants, they go down hill. Now it's hit or miss. They started serving mullet and ribs. They should just stick with the burgers and concentrate on consistency.

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